Outfeed Roller Table (Automatic Positioning System)

Outfeed Roller Table (Automatic Positioning System)

Product Specification


Feeder Motor ( Servo ) 400w ( servo )
Feeder Speed ( Servo ) 5 - Max 60m / min
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Feeder Strength 75 kg/m


  A B C E F
Length ( L ) 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm 6200mm 7200mm
( L1 )
2500mm 3500mm 4500mm 5500mm 6500mm


Automatic Position System Specification
Touch-Sensing Screen 7"
Servomotor 400w
Frequently Used Memory Module 100 sete
Position Speed 20-50 m/min
Position Accuracy ±0.15mm
Max. Holding Force 50kgs
Max. Pushing Force 50kgs
Feed Speed (Servo) 5-50 M/min


*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.